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4-Storey Fireproof Apartment

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

March 16, 2014

On February 4th, COFI Japan’s staff visited a unique 2×4 fireproof building under construction near the main Kawasaki train station in Kanagawa Prefecture. The project is being constructed by a medium size construction company, Lifecore Inc., based out of Yokohama city.The venture is a 4-storey apartment building with a total floor area of
670 m² making up 20 rental units. The project is being constructed using roughly 110 m³ of SPF dimension lumber and is unique in that the load bearing and exterior walls for this particular apartment are mainly comprised of 2×8 and 2×6 dimension sizes. The other thing that stood out in my mind, was that due to the fact that the lot access was not very good, with only a small narrow front street, it restricted this building being constructed by any other type of construction, other than PFC. Thus, once again, we see the advantage of 2×4 as a cost effective and flexible construction method – allowing the upper floors to be framed and erected on location with SPF dimension lumber delivered directly to the site.