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2×4 Lumber Grading Championship in Nagoya

The 27th Annual 2×4 Lumber Grading Championship took place on March 15 at NGK Hall in Nagoya. The COFI Award winners were Shinichi Fukushima of Mitsui Home Component Co. Ltd. (Champion), Kazuma Nakashima and Katsuhiro Nojiri both of… more

Japanese Aged 65 or Older Surpass 30 Million

To emphasize just how fast Japan’s society is greying, recent results from a survey compiled by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry in Japan, has revealed that as of October 1, 2012 people aged 65 or older surpassed the 30… more

Kanaya Michinokusou Nursing Home Opens

A true sign that we are getting more traction in this market segment, another large wooden elderly care facility, Kanaya Michinokusou Nursing Home began operation on April 1, 2013 in Mutsu City, which is the northernmost city on Honshu,… more

Jukdong Multi-family Housing

Setting Another Precedent for Wood Frame Fire Resistant Construction
MA Architects and Engineers designed their first wood frame houses in 2010 for the Jukdong Single Family Home Project, which consisted of building 6 detached net-zero… more

The 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

2013 is designated as the Year of the Korean War Veteran to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice in which approximately 26,000 Canadians took part and, regrettably, 516 were killed.
Every April, a memorial event is held… more

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Korea Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

South Korea’s economy is showing signs of losing its momentum in the face of lingering uncertainty and gloomy market conditions at home and abroad. As a countermeasure, the South Korean government drew up an extra budget worth 17.3… more

Technical Seminar in Chengdu

Canada Wood and FII co-sponsored a very high-profile technical seminar held in Chengdu April 15-16, followed by a group tour to Beichuan Red Maple Elderly Care Centre. 250 designers, architects, building safety experts and researchers from… more

Green Building Show Report

The International Conference on Green and Energy-efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo( IGEBC), also known as the Green Building Show received great support from Chinese government and overseas organizations and… more

Designer Training for Crowne Homes

Crowne Home’s office GM attended the Canada Wood designer training at Tongji University in Shanghai in March, 2013. From that, she requested that we provide a shortened 3-day version of the training to her office staff.
The weekend… more

Minister Ed Fast visits China

During his visit to China, on April 17th, Canada’s International Trade Minister Ed Fast visited Tianjin Jia Yu Industry Trade Co. (also known as the Wu brothers company).  Jia Yu is the second largest Chinese importer of Canadian… more

China Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

2013 Q1 GDP Report: The Worst of Both Worlds

GDP growth came in below expectations at 7.7 percent (y/y).
The NBS’s data on sources of demand show that most of the weakness in the quarter came from investment. However, private… more

Tohoku Diary

On the Road to Source Next Phase of Reconstruction Projects
With the second round of call for proposals for the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project underway, I spent a good chunk of March on the road and beating the bushes in the Tohoku… more

Sustainability & Legality of CLS Lumber

On March 22nd the Osaka Lumber Cooperative Association held a seminar on Goho (Legal) Wood for a group of 40 lumber and housing industry representatives in Osaka. COFI was invited by Tsuda Sangyo to deliver a keynote presentation on the… more

A breakthrough in wood construction design software

Until recently, wood construction designers didn’t have access to a software package that could provide both structural and architectural designs based on the Chinese building code. However, a Chinese designer, who was with Paragon and… more

Chinese Developers Visit Canada

Developer Mission Video, Part 1
Developer Mission Video, Part 2
As the application of wood frame construction is becoming more and more widespread in China, we invited twenty-two delegates interested in wood frame construction for a week… more

Vocational School Training Initiative

The Sino-Canadian “China Modern Wood Frame Construction Technology Project” vocational training round table was held in Deyang Vocational School, Sichuan, on March 27th. 54 representatives from MOHURD, vocational schools (20 in total),… more

China Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

The State of the Economy 
Former Premier Wen Jiabao, during his final address at the March 2013 National People’s Congress, announced the government’s 2013 major economic development goals as follows:
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)… more