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China Economy, Housing, and Lumber Shipments

Economic Update:

China’s annual growth rate came in at 7.7 percent in 2013. The modest slowdown indicates the beginning of what could be a challenging transition period of learning to live with less growth in exchange for better… more

2×4 Fireproof Care Facilities in Japan

Last year was an exceptional year for 2×4 fireproof elderly care facilities being built in this country and somewhat ironic that the Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported 24 applications approvals in 2013. Note that many… more

COFI Japan Launches Revamped Website

COFI took its revamped Japanese website live at the end of December. The new site was re-designed to be more visually engaging and provide better organized and timely information for lumber and building industry professionals in Japan. The… more

Japan Economy, Housing, and Lumber Shipments

Economic Update: In Search of the Virtuous Cycle 
In 2013 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Abenomics” economic reform policies showed progess in re-energizing Japan’s economy and ending two decades of deflation. As the year closed… more

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CWK-KWCA Joint Wood Frame Construction Seminar

CWK and Korea Wood Construction Association work together to promote the use of wood and wood frame construction and to transfer of wood frame construction technology in Korea. One way of achieving the goals is joint seminars and CWK and… more

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Structural (seismic) design Workshop

CWK in collaboration with Green Lab, Chungnam National University and Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) conducted a workshop on structural and seismic design for light-frame wood building being on Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2013 at KFRI… more

Korea Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

South Korea’s on-year economic growth in 2013 recorded 2.8% owing to solid growth in exports, continued rising in private spending and big rebound of construction investment. South Korea logged a record-high trade surplus… more

Quality Support on Infill project

As reported in an August blog, Canada Wood continues to provide Quality Support services to developer/builder Changzhou Beimei on hotel and mall projects in Yinkou, Liaoning Changzhou Beimei  in Yingkou, Liaoning province.  The Hotel… more

Design Seminar in Chongqing

A seminar for designers was held October 28th in the mountain city of Chongqing. The venue is arguably one of the most attractive glulam buildings in China. The large impressive clubhouse, built by the same company that built the Hebei… more

China Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

The Third Plenum of a new Chinese Leadership ‘s mandate is the one at which the government’s economic and political agenda is normally presented. The plenum took place in mid-November and for this month’s report, we present… more

Japan Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

Economic Update: Almost A Year On, Are Abenomics Working?
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe returned the LDP to power in December 2012 based a on a  platform of revitalizing the Japanese economy and ending a two decade long deflationary spiral…. more