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Tohoku Diary

On the Road to Source Next Phase of Reconstruction Projects
With the second round of call for proposals for the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project underway, I spent a good chunk of March on the road and beating the bushes in the Tohoku… more

Sustainability & Legality of CLS Lumber

On March 22nd the Osaka Lumber Cooperative Association held a seminar on Goho (Legal) Wood for a group of 40 lumber and housing industry representatives in Osaka. COFI was invited by Tsuda Sangyo to deliver a keynote presentation on the… more

A breakthrough in wood construction design software

Until recently, wood construction designers didn’t have access to a software package that could provide both structural and architectural designs based on the Chinese building code. However, a Chinese designer, who was with Paragon and… more

Chinese Developers Visit Canada

Developer Mission Video, Part 1
Developer Mission Video, Part 2
As the application of wood frame construction is becoming more and more widespread in China, we invited twenty-two delegates interested in wood frame construction for a week… more

Vocational School Training Initiative

The Sino-Canadian “China Modern Wood Frame Construction Technology Project” vocational training round table was held in Deyang Vocational School, Sichuan, on March 27th. 54 representatives from MOHURD, vocational schools (20 in total),… more

China Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

The State of the Economy 
Former Premier Wen Jiabao, during his final address at the March 2013 National People’s Congress, announced the government’s 2013 major economic development goals as follows:
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)… more

Elderly Care Mission to BC

COFI completed its fifth consecutive elderly care tour mission to British Columbia this period. The Japanese delegation of 14 persons – comprised mainly of owners and operators of social welfare and healthcare corporations, facility… more

CW Presents the 2013 Wood Design Competition

CWK proudly announced the CAN-KOR Wood Design Competition Best 5 in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic engagement between Canada and Korea by mailing the official design award posters to 250 universities and colleges… more

Workshops Address Quality Issues

On March 6 and on March 8, 2013, Canada Wood Korea and China in collaboration with the Korea Wood Frame Construction Association (KWCA) have successfully organized and conducted 2 QS Workshops, one at Icheon in Gyeonggi Province near Seoul… more

Long Life Housing Policy An Opportunity for Wood

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) has announced in a recent public hearing on “Long Life Housing” which can last more than 100 years that it is planning to offer various incentives such as higher floor… more

Korea Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

Economic Update
South Korea’s economy grew by 2% in 2012, the slowest in three years, due to low consumption and a sharp decline in facility investment stemming from the global economic slowdown.
The actual growth rate of the… more

Industry Mission to India Creates Positive Vibes

From Jan 28th to Feb 1st, an industry mission representing the BC Interior/Alberta, Eastern Canadian hardwood and BC Coast lumber; plywood/OSB; and the BC wholesale sectors journeyed to New Delhi to participate in a program of merchant and… more

Advanced Technology Construction Training Evolves

The 8th Advanced Technology Construction Training program, firstly planned and conducted in November of 2005, welcomed 31 Korean participants this year to Vancouver from February 13 to 22, 2013. The group, consisted of builders, designers,… more

CAN-KOR Wood Design Competition Attracts Top Talent

CWK will hold a special exhibition to get general public experienced Canadian wood frame construction and culture to celebrate 50th anniversary of official ties and cultural relation between Canada and Korea this year at Korea Foundation… more

The 2013 Housing Brand Fair

CWK participated in the 2013 Housing Brand Fair, one of the largest building products trade shows in Korea started from February 14 to 16 at COEX, Seoul in order to promote the use of sustainable Canadian wood products and wood frame… more

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JAS Standard Revisions on Dimension Lumber

The technical committee meeting starts in mid-March to revise the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) dimension lumber standard.  This revision is scheduled as one of the routine practice at 5-year interval.  This standard, known as… more

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Developments on CLT in Japan

In addition to the previously reported JAS standard drafting work on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), there have been other technical and political developments in Japan.  Not only is the building and engineered wood industry paying… more