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Acoustical Research at NRC-IRC

NRC-IRC continued its research on heavy impact sound resistant floor assembly that will meet stringent Korean Acoustical Code requirements. NRC Berndt Zeitler and CWK Country Director decided to conduct a seminar on the finding of this… more

Fire and Sound certificate testing at KICT

Series of meetings with Boral Plasterboard Korea (former Lafarge) and KWCA continued in January 2012 for planning on the extension of fire and sound certificates in 2012 and cost sharing mechanism among CWK, KBG and KWCA. Three parties… more

Development of New KS Treatment Standard

CWK has made series of meetings and conference calls in January 2011 with the Wood Committee Chair, Prof. Sang Sik Jang and KWPA Chair, Prof. Jong Shin Lee for the KS development.
Both of them started to collect necessary data to write the… more

Jiangsu Adopts WFC Codes

The future of wood frame construction took a short step out of Shanghai and into the Yangtze Delta in January 2012 with the adoption of local wood frame construction codes by Jiangsu Province.
The Jiangsu codes supports multi-storey and… more

CAF Codes Developed

January 2012 – there were three newly drafted codes developed by China Academy of Forestry (CAF). Two of them are national level codes and the other one is industrial level standard. Chun Ni, Haiyan Zhang and Helen Guo were invited… more

Hainan Seminar

This half-day seminar was in response to the booming wood frame market in the resort-housing sector in Hainan.  The seminar began with an outline of the advantages of using wood for construction, followed by construction practices and… more

China Lumber Shipments Update

BC softwood lumber export volume to China to end-November’11 reached 6.79 million cubic meters, a 74% increase over same period in 2011. Similarly, BC softwood lumber export value for the first 11 months of 2011 reached $1.03 billion, a… more

China Housing Market

After nearly two years of progressively tighter policies, we finally saw the Chinese property market turn a corner in the fourth quarter. Apartment sales have declined, prices have fallen and land sales have dropped. NBS data show that… more

The State of the Chinese Economy

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released its 2011 Q4 National Accounts data.
GDP in Q4 was 8.9% (y/y) down from 9.1% in Q3 and 9.8% a year ago. Growth for the year came in at 9.1%. The Canadian Embassy has revised its forecast for… more

2×4 Component Plant Activities in Japan

The Tokai 2×4 Council reported that for the month of December, twelve of its regular  member companies supplied 397 units (55,430 m²) of 2×4 framing packages in the Tokai region (mainly Aichi, Mie, Gifu and Shiga Prefectures)… more

Japan Housing Construction

2011 Housing Starts In: 2×4 Finishes Up 2.5% to 98,248 Units
Japan total housing starts edged up 2.6% to 834,117 units for 2011. Total wooden starts increased 1.0% to 464,837 units, but results within that sector were uneven. Post and… more

Japan SPF Shipments

November SPF shipments to Japan were 70.5 million fbm compared with 70.8 million fbm in November of 2010. Between January and November shipments totaled 716.6 million fbm compared to 717.5 million feet in the first 11 months of 2010…. more

Japan Economic Overview

For the first time since 1980, Japan posted a trade deficit in 2011. The US $32 billion deficit was a result of the post Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and sluggish exports to Europe. The events of March 11th paralyzed manufacturing and… more

Japan SPF Shipments

October SPF Shipments to Japan increased 3.9% to 75.3 million fbm. In the first 10 months of 2011 SPF Shipments to Japan totaled 646,020,00fbm, slightly below the 646,727,000fbm of shipments for the same period in 2010. By value, SPF… more