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Architects interest in Super E® House and Wood infill wall system

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

May 5, 2017

Tai Jeong introduces activities of Canada Wood

On February 24, Canada Wood Korea held an intensive workshop for young talented architects to introduce Canadian Super-E® technology and wood in-fill wall system.

As the first speaker of this workshop, Tai Jeong of CWK introduced Canada Wood Group’s activities in Korea, trends of low energy wood houses and tall wood-mass timber structures being built in Canada. As the second speaker, CEO G.B. Kim of the Stuga Wood Construction who built the 2nd official Super-E® House certified by Super-E® Office presented the technical data that should be considered when constructing the Super-E® House in Korean climate, a mixed-temperature condition.

Architects hang on presenter’s every word

Lastly, Mr. Lee, Head architect of Kwangjang Architects presented various wood infill wall case studies in Korea he involved with including a recent completed 6-storey office building in downtown Seoul. More than 20 Architects who participated in the CWK hosted workshop for the first time showed keen interest in the workshop subjects which they feel very new and very innovative. After the presentations, the participants freely exchanged ideas about the wood as a building material and the innovative wood building systems over networking dinner provided by CWK.