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Shawn Lawlor

Shawn Lawlor

Director, Canada Wood Japan

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Shawn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa in 1990 and later from the Asia Pacific Management Program at Capilano College in 1995. His career has spanned 15 years in international forest and building products marketing and sales with leading primary producers. Shawn joined the Canada Wood group in April 2007 to take on the role of Director, Japan Operations. He resides in Tokyo with his wife Christine and son Cole.

Japan Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

Concurrent with a reversal in the depreciation of the yen, June saw Japan’s Nikkei stock exchange correct from the mid 14,000’s to the high 12,000 range. However, certain sectors are demonstrating signs of renewed activity. Exports… more

Yuriage Public Market Opening Creates Media Splash

On May 4th Canada Wood celebrated the opening of the Yuriage Public Market Project in Natori, Miyagi. Yuriage was the second project completed under the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project. Restoration of the popular public market… more

Japan Economy , Construction & Lumber Shipments

Economy: How are Abenomics Working?
So far, so good. Since the Abe LDP government returned to power this past December the Japanese economy has been experiencing increased GDP growth, falling unemployment and a surge in equities. Despite a… more

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Japan Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

Japan Economy
On April 4th newly minted Bank of Japan Kuroda announced sweeping new changes to expand the scale and scope of monetary easing measures. The quantitative easing measures are projected to nearly double Japan’s monetary base… more

Tohoku Diary

On the Road to Source Next Phase of Reconstruction Projects
With the second round of call for proposals for the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project underway, I spent a good chunk of March on the road and beating the bushes in the Tohoku… more