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Shawn Lawlor

Shawn Lawlor

Director, Canada Wood Japan

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Shawn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa in 1990 and later from the Asia Pacific Management Program at Capilano College in 1995. His career has spanned 15 years in international forest and building products marketing and sales with leading primary producers. Shawn joined the Canada Wood group in April 2007 to take on the role of Director, Japan Operations. He resides in Tokyo with his wife Christine and son Cole.

Dimension Lumber in Post & Beam

The implementation of the “Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings”, also known as Japan’s Wood First Act, brings with it technical challenges to the wooden building industry.  Among the key issues, achieving open… more

CLT Introduced in Japan

On September 26th, a technical seminar on Cross Laminated Timber was held at the Canadian Embassy.  This event was sponsored by FPAC in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy and Canada Wood Tokyo.  As the timing coincided with several… more

Largest 3-storey opens doors

A new large wooden elderly care project, the Kazami-dori Nursing Home officially opened its doors on November 15th. The project is located in TadotsuTownship,KagawaPrefecture in Shikoku Japan. It is a three-storey elderly care facility… more

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Japan Market Update

Residential Housing Market
Japan’s housing industry appears to making a comeback, posting strong gains for the second consecutive month. Housing starts in August were up 14% to finish at 81,986. Wood frame starts totalled 46,901, an… more