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Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu

Project Director, Canada Wood Shanghai

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Jennifer joined Canada Wood in 2002. She is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia, recently spending time in China conducting designer training programs on WFC as well as working with Shanghai local MOC on the development of a WFC Shanghai local code. She enjoys outdoor activities and reading and working with people from different businesses. For more information, please contact Jennifer Yu at, or (021) 5030 1126

Developing a Wood Culture Starts from an Early Age

Wood construction remains a widely unknown building system to many in China. Over the years, Canada Wood has spent significant efforts to cultivate a wood culture in the country. While usually we talk to university students and… more

Chinese Architects and Developers Visit Canada

Some 40 Chinese architects and developers visited B.C from March 1-8. The purpose of the mission was to inspire and stimulate Chinese designers/developers’ interest in modern timber structures as well as to gain a better knowledge… more

Winning Design now a reality in Suzhou

The Winning Design of 2014 Timber Structure Architectural Design Course named “Dragon Bench” was made into a real structure and is now sited at the entrance of Suzhou (Jinfeng) Urban Design Industry Park, right in front of a… more