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Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu

Project Director, Canada Wood Shanghai

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Jennifer joined Canada Wood in 2002. She is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia, recently spending time in China conducting designer training programs on WFC as well as working with Shanghai local MOC on the development of a WFC Shanghai local code. She enjoys outdoor activities and reading and working with people from different businesses. For more information, please contact Jennifer Yu at, or (021) 5030 1126

Chinese Architects and Developers Visit Canada

Some 40 Chinese architects and developers visited B.C from March 1-8. The purpose of the mission was to inspire and stimulate Chinese designers/developers’ interest in modern timber structures as well as to gain a better knowledge… more

Winning Design now a reality in Suzhou

The Winning Design of 2014 Timber Structure Architectural Design Course named “Dragon Bench” was made into a real structure and is now sited at the entrance of Suzhou (Jinfeng) Urban Design Industry Park, right in front of a… more

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Timber Structure Architecture Design Course 2014

For the second consecutive year, Canada Wood has supported an ambitious and highly productive summer intensive architectural studio in wood design for Chinese architecture students. This year’s studio, titled “Timber… more