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Brad Spencer

Brad Spencer

Senior Director, Support Services

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Brad joined Canada Wood in 2007. His responsibilities include reporting, marketing strategy and program planning. Prior to his current position with Canada Wood in Shanghai, Brad gained international experience conducting market research in Hong Kong, working with a property developer in Malaysia, and a wood frame construction company in Japan.

Risk of hard landing persists

Economic forecasting is a challenging task at the best of times. For a non-standard economy like China, it is even more difficult; the government has more levers of influence, policy changes are not part of the public dialogue and… more

Interview with Managing Director Bruce St.John

Bruce St. John joined Canada Wood China in January, taking on the role of Interim Managing Director. His mandate includes:

Recruiting a permanent managing director
Aligning the goals of Canada Wood China with the goals of… more

Sino-Canada Eco-district project shows progress

The Sino-Canada Eco-District project, which is located in the Tianjin Binhai Tourism area is making progress. The project area is 1.8 km2 with the first phase over a five year period of about 1 Km2.  The current investors/developers of… more