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Tai Jeong

Tai Jeong

Technical Director, Canada Wood Korea

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Tai Jeong joined Canada Wood in 2006. Tai brings over 20 years of technical expertise in wood design and construction to the Canada Wood team. Tai is an accomplished building professional, having worked as an architect for 15 years, and is a registered contractor. In his time away from the office, he enjoys singing and sports.

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Korea Housing Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in the first eleven months of 2011 considerably increased 21.1% to 89,853 buildings from a year earlier 74,226 buildings owing to the continuous tax benefits to… more

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Korean Economic Update

South Korea’s economic growth slowed further at the end of 2011 amid deepening concerns about the impact of the Eurozone fiscal crisis on exports. 




Trade Surplus

Private Consumption

0.4% ↑

19.6%… more

Acoustical Research at NRC-IRC

NRC-IRC continued its research on heavy impact sound resistant floor assembly that will meet stringent Korean Acoustical Code requirements. NRC Berndt Zeitler and CWK Country Director decided to conduct a seminar on the finding of this… more