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Tai Jeong

Tai Jeong

Technical Director, Canada Wood Korea

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Tai Jeong joined Canada Wood in 2006. Tai brings over 20 years of technical expertise in wood design and construction to the Canada Wood team. Tai is an accomplished building professional, having worked as an architect for 15 years, and is a registered contractor. In his time away from the office, he enjoys singing and sports.

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SPF Shipments to Korea

Year 2011 was marked as the first year reached to 100,000 MFBM of Canadian SPF import in Korean history. This record was mainly owed to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and high market preference for Canadian SPF in… more

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Korea Housing Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in January, 2012 considerably increased 36.9% to 4,523 buildings from a year earlier 3,305 buildings owing to the continuous government extended policies to shore… more

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Korea Economic Update

South Korea outgrew the average economic output of OECD member countries in the final quarter of 2011 showing the country’s relative resilience against external economic risks. The South Korean economy expanded 3.4% on-year in the… more

Wood Frame QA Important for Builder

The CWK’s QA program introduced its services to the market firstly in 2008, the 2011-12 program is ready to progress a step further and focus on demonstrating quality standards, promoting Canada Wood’s training services and reaching… more

Korea SPF Shipments

Owing to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and gaining popularity of SPF in structural use, Canadian SPF exports to South Korea in 2011 remarkably increased 30% to 124,500 MFBM from a year earlier 95,883 MFBM. The total SPF… more