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CAF Codes Developed

Helen Guo

By Helen Guo

Codes and standards specialist

April 4, 2012

The expert approved meetings of the three newly developed codes and standards by CAF was held on March 29 and 30 in Shanghai. Two of them are national codes, which are Laminated veneer lumber for timber structures and Wood I-beams, while the other one is industrial standard, named Test methods for the wooden structural material joints made with dowel type fasteners.

Canada Wood provided the review and comments on these three codes on the characteristic values and design values development rules. Regarding the Wood I-beams and Laminated veneer lumber for timber structures, Borjen, expert from APA, did the review and provided the comments according to the North American practice to avoid lots of overdue.

The two national codes are to be submitted to SFA and National Code and Standard Committee for approval, which usually requires for more than one year to final issue. The industrial standard is to be submitted to SFA only and is going to be issued in 2012.