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Can I Borrow Your 2×4 Home?

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

October 5, 2015


Photo of tatami mat room (Japanese style room) with Sony TV

A new trend has started to take off in Japan called “home-sharing”. Accordingly to local media reports the number of Japanese homeowners lending/sharing their homes to others is on the rise. The government of Japan has placed a quite a bit of resources and effort into expand inbound tourist the last few years, hoping to increase the number of visitors traveling to Japan from abroad in order to revitalize the world’s third largest economy. It looks like the fruit of their labour is paying off on this first front, as the old record of 13.4 million visitors established last year (2014) was broken this September and Japan is hoping to attract 20 million visitors annually to the “Land of the Rising Sun” by 2020. This is when Tokyo hosts the summer Olympics, and to all you rugby fans out there, you should make a mental note that Japan’s Brave Blossoms will also be playing host to the Rugby World Cup tournament in 2019. It is thought that the growing demand for home-sharing here can be linked to this boom of visitors, lack of reasonable and suitable accommodations, and IT companies that are launching new website services to match “hosts” who have an extra tatami room with “guest” looking for a place to crash. Who knows, we just might start to see some of these visitors setting into a cozy little 2×4 home while they are staying here in Japan!