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Canada and Korea Decides to Fully Cooperate on Forest Research

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Technical Director, Canada Wood Korea

January 25, 2017

tt1Canada and Korea decided to cooperate fully on forestry and forest products research such as tall wood-mass timber design and construction, joint research on wild-land fire prevention and mountain meteorology, lumber grade marking, joint research in forest carbon field, and forest recreation and healing.

tt2The Korea Forest Service (KFS) and the Canadian Forest Service of the Department of Natural Resources, Canada held the 2nd Canada-Korea Forest Cooperative Committee’s meeting in Ottawa on November 2, 2016. Both parties have been exchanging opinions and cooperating with each other regarding current issues in the forest field in both countries through regular meetings since they signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2014.

While wood frame construction has been in the limelight as an environment-friendly construction law to cope against climate change, exchange of tall wood-mass timber technology with Canada is expected to promote multi-story wood frame construction in Korea.

At the meeting, Korea proposed cooperation for research on tall wood-mass timber design and construction and joint research of wild land fire prevention and mountain meteorology to Canada. Meanwhile, Canada requested for Korea’s cooperation on lumber grade marking, joint research in the forest carbon field, and plans to manage natural resources. Both countries decided to continue working-level consultations in order to actually carry out the projects they discussed at the meeting.

“I am looking forward to the advancement in the timber industry and active wood frame construction research through the cooperation with Canada which is the world’s second largest timber producer,” said Mr. Yong Kwan Kim, Director General, International Cooperation Bureau of KFS, “I will do my part in bringing tangible outcomes through active exchange between the two countries.”