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Canada Wood Korea Participates in Pine Tree Home’s ‘Concert for All’

Min Hong

By Min Hong

Office Manager & Accounting, Canada Wood Korea

July 5, 2016

Hand-bell performance by the resident children

Hand-bell performance by the resident children

Canada Wood Korea was invited to the ‘Concert for All’ held at Pine Tree Home on April 15 as a token of appreciation of donation of a wood pavilion.  Pine Tree Home is a child welfare organization established in Incheon City, Gyeonggi Province 63 years ago.

CWK and Inha University conducted ‘The GIFT’s Two’ project as the Canada-Korea Wood Festival 2015 and donated a wood pavilion built during the program in 2015.  The wood pavilion made with SPF treated wood was designed and constructed by Inha University students and installed at the backyard of Pine Tree Home, and it has been serving its purpose as a play space for children since then.  Further, the wood pavilion received the Completion Award at the Korea Wood Design Awards 2015, proving its architectural value.

CWK and Inha University received a plague of appreciation from Pine Tree Home.

CWK and Inha University received a plague of appreciation from Pine Tree Home.

‘Concert for All’ is an event where Pine Tree Home invites those whom they thank as well as the local residents and hold a concert and serve refreshments. The concert was comprised of the hand-bell performance and chorus by children, harmonica performance, and a performance by the challenged persons’ choir celebrating the event.  The beautiful sound of hand-bells and the laughter of children resonating in the place on a warm spring day made everyone at the concert happy.

Before the concert began, Pine Tree Home gave Tai Jeong, Country Director of CWK, and Prof. Jin Ho Park of Inha University a plaque of appreciation and Tai Jeong took a privilege to deliver a congratulatory message.