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Canada Wood Launches Midply Promotions Campaign

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Director, Canada Wood Japan

April 3, 2018

During the first quarter Canada Wood commenced our branding and promotions campaign to raise awareness about the Midply high performance shear wall system. Thanks to multiple years of technical development work we anticipate ministerial and code approvals for Midply in fiscal 2018. A promotional campaign is being launched to coincide with these forthcoming approvals to raise awareness and encourage commercial adoption of this high seismic performance shear wall system.

Canada Wood worked with a graphic designer and media relations expert to develop the Midply branding and catch copy. The branding campaign is being rolled out through print and internet media through interviews with influential technical experts and a case study of the first Midply project in Japan. Our aim is twofold: to encourage the adoption of Midply in 2×4 housing as the next generation seismic performance solution and to provide a robust shear wall solution necessary for midrise and large scale non-residential buildings. The campaign example above shows a 2 page feature on Midply in the April issue of Kenchiku Chishiki, Japan’s leading architectural magazine with a monthly circulation of 45,000 copies.