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Canada Wood Participates in “The Sea is Longing for the Forest” Tree Planting Ceremony in Tohoku

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Director, Canada Wood Japan

July 19, 2016

shawn lawlor

Tree Planting Ceremony with Tsuda Sangyo Group in Iwate Prefecture

On June 5th my son and I had the opportunity to participate in a tree planting event in the Tohoku as part of the industry group organized by Tsuda Sangyo, Co., Ltd. Organized by renowned naturalist Hatakeyama san, this is the 28th time that this tree planting event is held in the Tohoku. Hatakeyama san is a Japanese pioneer in drawing attention to the importance of biodiversity and eco-systems management. Unlike typical Japanese postwar reforestation practices which focused mostly on replanting Sugi and Hinoki seedlings, Hatakeyama pioneered techniques in reforesting a wide variety of deciduous species to enhance the biodiversity of Tohoku’s coastal forests in the Sanriku region. This enhanced diversity of tree species enhanced the balance of nutrients in nearby streams, rivers and along the Sanriku coast. As a result, the Sanriku region has become world renowned for its bountiful resources of oysters, scallops and other fisheries. The event is organized annually to continue this important work to build healthy forests and to create broader awareness of the linkages between healthy forests and maritime resources. Many of our colleagues from Canadian industry have also taken part in this event which is gaining in popularity year by year. I would like to extend a special thanks to Tsuda Sangyo for all their hard work in organizing this event.