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Canada Wood Seismic Design Workshop Held Successfully due to Earthquake in Pohang

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

January 2, 2018

Canada Wood Korea participated in the 2017 Korea Architecture Fair & Festival (KAFF) hosted by the Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) at COEX. KIRA is an association that all Korean architects are members of and it holds the KAFF to introduce various construction materials while holding seminars, etc. for architects during the event.

CWK has been setting up booths at KAFF every year and distributed ‘Guide to Good Practice’ and ‘WFC Standard Design Drawing Booklet’ published by CWK to architects visiting the booth. Furthermore, it has been sharing materials to help architects on wood structure materials and wood architecture design such as informing how to download the NLT Design & Construction Guide Brochure.

During the KAFF on November 17, the Seismic Design Workshop was held for architects and structural engineers at the COEX seminar room.  Dr. BJ Yeh of APA was invited to introduce the Wood Wall Bracing Provision of IRC-2015 with actual design cases in combination of lectures by Prof. S.S. Jang of Chungnam National University on Midply Shearwall system and Dr. K.B. Shim of National Institute of Forest Science on Tall Wood Mass Timber research in Korea.

All three lectures drew huge interest from participating architects. Moreover, due to the heightened interest in seismic design wood structure that grew due to the earthquake in Gyeongju in September of last year and the earthquake in Pohang on November 15 of this year, over 150 people attended and asked many questions after the presentations.