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Canadian Lumber Backed as a Sustainable Brand in Japan

By rcode admin

November 6, 2014

jpn_sustanabilityCanadian exporters supplying the Japanese market now have a tool to support their sustainable brand.

The PDF: Canada – Supplying Sustainable, High-Quality Forest Products, is available to Japanese buyers interested in Canada’s world-leading stewardship practices that include Canada plants 650 million trees annually but only harvests 0.2 per cent of its forest land base.

Translated into Japanese, the document highlights Japan has relied on Canada as a trusted supplier of quality wood products since the Taisho Era. Further it points out Canada’s unique species mix not only provides the superior color, clarity and purity preferred by Japanese customers but also has the durability and strength to meet seismic standards.

Download the English-language PDF (3.8 MB)

Download the Japanese-language PDF (3.8 MB)