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Canadian Wood Exhibit — “The 60 Hour Miracle”

Wayne Iversen

By Wayne Iversen


April 1, 2011

Canada's 60 Hour Miracle Apartment Demonstration

The three storey apartment display building assembled in 60 hours at a Green Building show in Beijing was so successful it may change Canada Wood’s approach to trade shows in China. In recent years there has been an explosion of trade shows covering green building, building materials, and wood products leading to an over-supply and diluting the impact for exhibitors. The recent Green Building show in Beijing was a relatively small show at a modest venue, however there are clear advantages in being a large fish in a small pond, or in this case, having the dominant exhibit at the show.

Mohurd officials meet with CDN embassy, Canfor, Minister Bell, FII and Canada Wood

Because it was so much larger than other display booths and it was positioned at the entrance to the conference centre, all visitors and participants at the trade show made a point of touring our “Sino-Canada Eco Home”. In two and a half days we received over 3500 visits, generated more than 30 media stories and inspired the host organization, the influential Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Development to proudly show off our building to their guests.

Minister Bell and Vice Minister Qiu from MOHURD at Display Building Mar 2011

The end results obscure the daunting challenge this structure presented. When Minister Bell conceived the idea during his visit to China last November, we were uncertain how we would pull this off. The original proposal of a six storey building was scaled back to three stories and the decision was made to build in China rather than to ship a panelized structure over from B.C.. Fortunately Crownhomes who is known for being a capable builder with a flair for promotion, agreed to take on this project. The President of the Suzhou-based company commented;

Minister Bell Mr Ni Lance Tao Display Building Mar 2011

 “The 60 hour miracle was achieved thanks to the hard work of the team as well as the mature prefab system Crownhomes has setup from design, manufacturing, transportation to onsite installation.”

 Creating a large display building did more than just draw crowds; it also made it possible to include a functioning board room. This enabled staff to engage prospects, conduct media interviews, and invite current contacts in for meetings. With this display building design we were able to do more business development work in one show than we would normally do in three.