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Canadian Wood Products Aid the Regeneration for Donuimun Village in Seoul

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

July 21, 2017

In 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided regeneration of Donuimun village located right next to the Gyeonghuigung Palace, one of the 5 palace complexes in Seoul of the Kingdom of Joseon, to preserve its historic values, community and small businesses rather than demolishing and turning it into a neighbourhood park.

The village, which still retains the layout of streets and lots formed in 1800’s and has characteristics of an unplanned neighborhood grown over the years, has buildings and houses of various usages, ages and construction methods. Types of buildings range from traditional Korean post and beam houses, colonial era wooden structures to modern concrete structures.

One of the three architectural firms involved in planning of the regeneration project is Studio Nova and they are familiar with all types of wood construction having participated in various Canada Wood Korea’s and CWK sponsored training programs and missions, and they have specified old wooden buildings to be restored with wood and Canadian wood products are used for renovation of 13 houses and rebuilding of 5 houses in the village.