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Careful Planning of the Architect Paying Attention to the Value of Forests

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

March 8, 2018

The Healing Forest Experience Center in Mt. Ujangsan Park is a public facility that blends in with the forest. The design that leaves the trees and slopes untouched is the acknowledgement that the forest is the master of the park. It is not easy to divide a building and apply functions according to the position of the existing trees. The wood frame construction for public use reflecting the careful considerations of the architect will help everyone easily understand and use wood frame construction and eventually recognize that wood frame construction is healthy.

This project, which was conducted as a service for the Gangseo-gu Park Greenery Department, was about designing a healing center to operate forest healing programs such as the inner body stress test, exercise, meditation, and walking inside Mt. Ujangsan Park.

The architect’s main concerns were on how to make the new building blend in with the nature of the park. In order for the building to become a part of the park smoothly, the architect decided to keep existing trees and slopes untouched as much as possible and separate the building into three masses, placing them between trees.

This building was designed by architect Jae-hyuk Lee and won a prize at the 2017 Korea Wood Design Awards. Jae-hyuk Lee has distinguished himself in wood frame construction design in Korea after participating in the Canada Wood Korea’s annual mission program to Canada and studied Canadian wooden frame construction.

The Mt. Ujangsan Park Healing Center was designed not only as wood frame construction (heavy timber + wood-frame structure) but also as a building in which everyone can experience the texture and scents of the tree both inside and outside. Additional works will be done in the future to construct wood benches with backrests in the space for meditation and healing and a wooden healing place in the space for experience and healing, and it will become the greatest forest of healing in Seoul.