Third Wood Wall Bracing Workshop held at SETEC in Seoul

Canada Wood Korea in collaboration with Timber Engineering Lab of Chungnam National University (CNUTim) organized and delivered another Wood Wall Bracing Workshop focused on meeting the code requirements for seismic design.
A maximum capacity one hundred and thirty engineers, architects and builders attended. The event kicked off with a warm welcomes from BC Forest Sector Trade Mission, Minister Doug Donaldson, BC, Director Jeff Biggs, NRCan, President-Elect of the Korean Institute of Architects, Je Yu Park, and Country Director Tai Jeong, CWK.
The workshop focused on using the excel-based structural engineering program designed for small wood frame houses up to 3 stores-high which was developed jointly by Canada Wood Korea and CNUTim. The main lecturer, Professor Sang Sik Jang is the leading authority in structural engineering of timber structure in Korea and one of the main code-writers of the Chapter 8 Wood Structure of the Korea Building Code – Structural (KBC-S) and the prescriptive Small Scale Timber Structure Construction Code.


Delegates of Canada/BC Forest Sector Trade Mission visit Gapyeong Canada Village in Gyeonggi Province

Gapyeong Canada Village, the largest wood frame house complex project and the first joint venture in Korea between a public housing agency Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation (GICO) and a private company Dreamsite Korea, welcomed delegates of Canada/BC Forest Sector Trade Mission delegation headed by Honourable Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, BC Government on December 8, 2018.
The Canada Village Project showcases the collaboration of Canada and Korea in expanding the use of Canadian wood products in energy-efficient and healthy Super E and Super E Net Zero housing.
During the visit, the delegates were briefed on the project, toured the Maple Hall Community Centre and a Super E House and Super E Net Zero House which were successfully completed and certified with technical supports from Canada Wood and Super E Office/EEEA.
*Gapyeong (also spelled as Kapyong in the past) is the most befitting place for Canada Village. One of the most fierce and heroic battles during the Korea War was fought by the Canadian Forces in Gapyeong and the Canadian Korean War Monument to commemorate their sacrifice is also situated there.

Canada Wood Hosts Forest Business Leaders’ Luncheon

The Forest sector mission to Korea led by the Minister Doug Donaldson was successfully held from December 6 – 8, 2018. Over 25 representatives joined the mission, from the Canadian Trade Mission, federal and provincial Canadian governments, First Nations, forestry associations and laborers.
As part of the mission, Canada Wood Korea (CWK) hosted the Forest Business Leaders’ Luncheon on Friday 7th December at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. Over 70 representatives from the Canadian trade mission and various Korean firms in the wood industry attended this event.

Michael Danagher (Ambassador of Canada), Doug Donaldson (Minister of BC MFLNRORD) and Jeff Biggs (Director of NRCan) gave their respective opening remarks, followed by a briefing on the wood frame construction market and building code development in Korea by Professor Sang Sik Jang of Chungnam National University. Design Principal of Innovative Design Studio Mr. Ki Cheol Bae also delivered a presentation on practices for wood urbanization in Korea as part of the luncheon.

The trade mission and luncheon reflect the collective commitment to work with industry leaders in Korea to expand the wood-frame construction market.

MOU with Korean architects will increase wood use

Senior forest sector representatives on the Forestry Asia Trade Mission took part in events that demonstrated British Columbia’s commitment to increasing wood construction in South Korea.

On Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, they witnessed the signing of a technical co-operation agreement between Canada Wood Korea and the Korean Institute of Architects, and attended a seismic design symposium. On Saturday (Dec. 8), they toured the Gapyeong Canada Village Project, which showcases wood products from B.C. and elsewhere in Canada.

“South Koreans’ interest in wood construction is growing because they recognize that wood construction fares better than other materials in the event of earthquakes,” said Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. “By promoting the benefits of wood and sharing technical expertise, we can open up new opportunities in Korea for our province’s high-quality wood products. This, in turn, supports forestry jobs in B.C.”

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Canada Wood Korea and the Korean Institute of Architects will help raise skill and knowledge levels of architects and designers in Korea, so they are better equipped to work with wood. The institute intends to benchmark Canadian best practices for technologies, such as wood-frame residential housing, wood interior walls and Super-E/Net-Zero housing design.

Korea’s efforts to increase the seismic safety of its buildings (through changes to building codes) have generated interest in the seismic design properties of wood. About 150 Korean wood construction and building experts attended the seismic design symposium organized by Canada Wood Korea, with the support of key institutional partners in Korea.

The 154 housing units in the Gapyeong Canada Village Project demonstrate the benefits of wood products and wood-frame construction, including healthy building and energy efficiency. The village is the result of a memorandum of understanding signed in 2013 by Canada Wood Korea, the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation and Dreamsite Korea.

The 2018 Forestry Asia Trade Mission to South Korea, China and Japan – from Dec. 5-14 – is B.C.’s largest ever, with more than 40 delegates from First Nations, industry, research, labour and government.

Quick Facts:
South Korea is B.C.’s fifth-largest market for wood products. B.C.’s softwood lumber exports to the country totaled over $73 million in 2017.
Since Canada Wood opened an office in South Korea in 2006, the value of B.C.’s softwood lumber exports to the country have doubled.
Super-E is a building standard designed by Natural Resources Canada that is being used by countries around the world. A Super-E net-zero home produces all the energy it requires from renewable sources. It releases no carbon from the burning of fossil fuels.