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Chinese Delegation Interested in Hotel Construction

Wayne Iversen

By Wayne Iversen


April 3, 2017

China Hotel Industry Promising

China’s hotel / motel industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, and today stands at 2.5 million hotel rooms. Relatively speaking however, this number is still very low as it equates to just 4 rooms per 1,000 capita compared to 20 rooms per capita in the U.S. and 10 rooms per capita in the U.K.

Figure 1: The Low-Density / Budget Hotel Segment expected to see the most growth.

From a wood construction perspective, it’s encouraging to hear experts affirm that the mid-scale, low-density and budget hotel segments will see the biggest growth (see figure 1). Second and third tier cities will see the most growth due to a demand for meetings, conferences and exhibitions. New tourism projects and the proliferation of high-tech and industry parks will also drive demand for travel accommodations.

While some international budget brands such as Motel 6 and Super 8 have been very successful in China many other international budget brands are being outshined by local brands, which have been much more successful in growing their distribution. This has resulted in several international hotel companies forming strategic alliances and joint ventures with local partners.

Hotel / Lodging Mission to BC, March 5 – 11 2017

Delegation members learning technical aspects of woodframe construction on a multifamily construction site in Langley, BC.

Sandman Hotel Architect Stanley Paulus of Stanley Paulus Architecture Inc. presents “Midrise Hotel Construction & Design to Chinese journalists, designers and land developers.

Canada Wood China is vying for a piece of China’s $44 billion hotel industry by promoting low-density, wood-frame hotels to the Chinese hotel industry. On March 5, 2017 Canada Wood Vancouver hosted a Chinese delegation comprised of journalists, designers & land developers for a 6-day mission intended to allow delegates to understand the economic, environmental, and seismic advantages of low and mid-rise wood hotels in Canada. One of the notable highlights of the mission was a half-day lodging seminar put on by Stanley Paulus, of STANLEY PAULUS ARCHITECT INC. Recently, the firm has been actively involved with design, branding, and construction administration of several hotels and upscale restaurant chains throughout Canada. The seminar took place at the 4-storey wood-framed Signature Sandman Hotel on 200th Street in Langley, BC which was designed by Stanley Paulus Architect Inc. Stanley’s presentation included relevant topics such as: 1) hotel design considerations & flexibility, 2) hotel acoustic design 3) hotel seismic design & 4) hotel building envelope design. The seminar concluded with a tour of the hotel featuring all the common areas as well as several different rooms in varying size and design. Delegation members expressed sincere appreciation to Stanley for the half-day seminar!