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COFI Releases Guidebook for Large Scale Wooden PFC Buildings

Hidehiko Fumoto

By Hidehiko Fumoto

Deputy Director and Manager Technical Services, Canada Wood Japan

December 16, 2015

111Starting in 2014 COFI commenced a joint project with the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association to develop a comprehensive design guide for large scale PFC buildings in Japan. In order to encourage new entrants into large scale 2×4 construction, this guide is aimed at medium sized design firms and the design divisions of large general contractor companies that are often involved in tendering processes for public building projects.  These designers of large scale buildings tend to be more familiar with concrete and steel structures and lack fundamental understanding of wooden structures.  This 150 page guidebook explains the relevant fire codes, PFC structural standards, work flow for typical large scale projects, structural issues, installation and planning unique to 2×4 construction. Two case studies of large wooden buildings are also presented in detail, drawing from lessons learned in the past 10 years of 2×4 fireproof construction. This guide is also useful and topical for designers as it references the key fire code revisions that MLIT has implemented over this past summer. Content of this guide was developed by a 2×4 association technical subcommittee of leading academics, architects and builders with expertise in 2×4 non-residential construction. This is the first practical guide that has ever been prepared for designing large scale wooden projects in Japan. The front and back covers features photographs of the wood block interior wall of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Industry has shown strong interest in this guide and we expect the first 1,000 copies printed initially to run out quickly. The Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association is holding a series of large scale wooden building seminars where they use this guide as the text book.  COFI is also planning to use this guide as the text book for the 6 seminars at major cities across Japan.