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Communities Making Good Use of Reconstruction Projects

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Director, Canada Wood Japan

October 11, 2016


Shawn Lawlor (left) with Glenn Mason (right) visit Jericho Support Centre reconstruction project in Iwaki City

On October 5th, Natural Resource Canada’s Assistant Deputy Minister, Glenn Mason and Canada Wood Japan’s, Shawn Lawlor, visited the Jericho Support Centre reconstruction project in Iwaki City, Fukushima to see how the community was making use of this facility. A year and a half has passed since this Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project was completed.   Local officials informed us that the Jericho Centre serves as a main education centre to provide computer and life skills training to residents with disabilities so they can learn employment and independent living skills and re-integrate with the community. The Iwaki social welfare organization running these 3 month skills training programs has already been successful in finding work placement for program graduates and this training program continues on an ongoing basis. The facility also serves as a community meeting space where neighbouring Iwaki residents visit and participate in community events such as local festivals and education programs for expecting mothers to mention a few.