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Congratulatory Remarks by Yong-Hak Kim, CEO of GICO on the Completion of Super-E® Houses at Gapyeong Canada Village

Wayne Iversen

By Wayne Iversen


March 8, 2018

Three years ago, Canada Wood signed an MOU with Dream Site Korea.

Written by Mr. Yong Hak Kim, CEO of Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation

Good day, I am Yong Hak Kim, the CEO of Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation (GICO).First of all, I would like to thank to H.E. Eric Walsh, Canadian Ambassador to Korea, Mr. Kenneth Klassen, the senior consultant of the EEEA, Mr. Tai Jeong, Country Director for the Canada Wood Group Korea, Mr. Kwang Hoon Lee, CEO of Dreamsite Korea and its staff and crew and Mr. In Tack Kim, Director of Korea Energy Agency.

Bukhangang Dongyeonjae complex (Canada Village) is a pilot project for GICO, who has only supplied high-rise apartment housing until now, to demonstrate alternative housing culture. Also this is the very first single-family housing complex project in which a public enterprise is participating as the main business entity. And this project will becomes a turning point where a whole new paradigm opens for suburban housing construction industry.

This housing complex, the very first large scale one in Korea to build 100 + units of wood frame single family houses, is planned as a residential complex to promote community living with infrastructure completeness which has never been tried before.

Especially, thanks to the technical cooperation and support provided by the Super-E® Office and Canada Wood, we have been building houses with twice the energy efficiency of regular apartments. And the completion of the Super-E® and Net Zero houses, enabled by the accumulated technical experiences gained from the construction of the first 50 houses, marks the dramatic turning-point in improving energy efficiency of single family houses.

We hope that this cooperation will mature and develop further into a closer and higher level of relationship between Korea and Canada. And we look forward to your continued interest and support for the successful completion of this project which is opening up new horizons in the rural housing construction.

Thank you.