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Crown Homes On-site Training for Suzhou Clubhouse

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

June 3, 2013

crownCrown Homes is in the process of setting up their own internal training program to create a team of specialists in wood frame construction.  Their goal is to have an internal training program that will produce wood frame construction specialists who can be sent to their many various projects around the country to supervise and guide the local crews.  To this end, they have sent a group of twenty-two recent graduates they refer to as “special forces” to build a 711 m2 clubhouse near Crown Homes’ head office in Suzhou under the guidance of two experienced carpenters.  Canada Wood has been asked to assist in the creation of this training program and the training of these new hires.  We felt this project would be an excellent opportunity to both assess Crown’s training capabilities and provide training to these future construction specialists.  

Sean Soldo and Steven Zhang have been on site from the first week of construction and have remained until the completion of structural framing.  Sean will continue to monitor progress and provide training at crucial points in the construction process, like the installation of deck waterproofing, roof and wall flashing and window installation.

We have established a very good working relationship and have had an excellent opportunity to analyze their operation and identify ways they can improve.  We have also identified some ways we can improve our own approach to training and quality support.  By the end of the project we feel we will be able to offer Crown Homes some very useful feedback and support on not just their training program and specialist team, but also on their operations in general (specifically design/floor plans and truss manufacturing).