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Doggy’s Villa Hotel

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

March 9, 2016

Doggy’s Villa Hotel - Photo 1Whoever said “it’s a dog’s life” has obviously not yet checked out this pooch palace. A new concept hotel has been recently built in Japan with various lodges designed and built out of platform frame construction (PFC) around the idea of dog owners getting out of the big city and relaxing with man’s best friends in a resort like natural environment that caters to pooches and their owners. The “Doggy’s Villa Hotel” as it is called, is located in Chiba Prefecture on the outskirts of Tokyo on several arches of land that and is comprised of several dog runs, ample parking and fourteen 2×4 buildings with a total capacity of 59 rooms right now for their guest and their four legged friends to mill about. Do Doggy’s Villa Hotel - Photo 2to the popularity of the resort, the owner is now looking to expand and add another lodge to the property and more rooms to this castle for canine. The design firm for this resort is Architectural Office L’Esprit Nouveau, the general contractor is Akita Kensetsu Kougyou, and the owner is Unimat Group. Seeing that this resort is doing so well it looks like they are definitely barking up the right tree!