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Four-storey 2×4 Office Building

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

December 4, 2017

Yamanishi Lumber Company’s new four storey office building.

Yamanishi, is a lumber and component company that operates in and around Aichi Prefecture where its head office is located, Nagoya City. The company is now constructing a new office building for its Yatomi Home Component Division in Yatomi City in the same prefecture. The new office building is “going up” both literally and figuratively. It’s a four-storey 286 m² 2×4 fireproof building which will replace the single-storey temporary office building that they have been currently using on the site. The building has been designed with double 2×6 stud walls combined with glulam posts, incorporating a load-bearing wall on the first floor called “S.S.W. 14”, heavy duty tie down rods and metal connectors to

anchor it to its reinforced concrete foundation. The exterior of the building is wrapped in 2 layers of 21mm of gypsum board along with 16mm fireproof siding to attain a 1 hr.

Yamanishi Lumber Company’s new four storey office building.

exterior fire rating for the building. The structure was designed and constructed by Yamanishi with help for the structural engineering firm MoNOplan. The new office building is scheduled to be completed the end of March 2018. Yamanishi is planning to use this new 2×4 office building as a demonstration project as well as prototype business model for their customers to follow.