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Gapyeong Canada Village Project Showcases the Collaboration between BC and Gyeonggi Province in the Area of Wood Products and Energy-Efficient Low-Carbon Construction Technology

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Technical Director, Canada Wood Korea

May 2, 2018

The Premier of BC, John Hogan and the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Kyung-pil Nam have signed a renewed three-year economic action plan agreement to mark the ten-year anniversary of sister province relationship and to enhance cooperation between the two provinces in 6 areas.

The one of the 6 areas included in the Plan is the cooperation in wood products and efficient use of energy and low-carbon construction area. Other areas include digital media, information and communications technology/wireless technology, agrifoods and tourism.

Through this action plan agreement, BC and Gyeonggi have established strong cooperation in the innovative use of wood products which includes the Canada Village project in Gyeonggi, the first public sector wood frame construction community in Korea. The Participants will support ongoing collaboration in the forestry and wood products sectors by:

  • Collaborating on energy efficient, low carbon green construction and the use of advanced wood construction technology, in partnership with Forestry Innovation Investment, Canada Wood Korea, and Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation.
  • Supporting training and knowledge transfer for Gyeonggi builders and developers of Canadian energy efficient wood-frame construction in partnership with Forestry Innovation Investment and Canada Wood Korea.
  • Promoting new uses of British Columbia wood in Gyeonggi in architecturally unique structures, hybrid buildings, and non-residential construction through Forestry Innovation Investment, Canada Wood Korea, and Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation.

Aerial view of the Gapyeong Canada Wood Village Project site

The Gapyeong Canada Village Project, a joint venture between GICO, a Gyeonggi Province’s crown corporation, and DSK, a private company, and the largest wood frame house complex project in Korea, is showcasing the how the Canadian wood products and Canadian wood frame construction technology can contribute to the development of energy-efficient low-carbon and environmentally friendly housing.

The Houses in the Canada Village project have been built with Canadian wood products and recently 2 houses were built and certified to Super-E® and Super-E® Net-Zero Standard to provide energy-efficient, healthy and durable housing to Korean home owners, demonstrating collaboration between the two provinces.