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Hotel project symbolizes the growing recognition for wood construction

Dora Xue

By Dora Xue

July 4, 2017

This project is a log-home style five-star hotel in the popular Changbai mountain resort in the Northeastern province of Jilin. The developer makes use of the scenery and mountainous location and make the hotel blend in the natural environment. The mountain is covered with flourishing and various plants and trees. The temperature can get as cold as minus 44 ℃ in the winter!

So, what building materials can meet requirements: suffering from such cold weather and avoiding destroying the local nature environment? Only wood!

The outstanding characteristics of wood construction below attracted the developer to use wood in their resort project:

  • Fantastic thermal performance in such cold area
  • Building with wood, as a nature material, can blend into the nature environment harmoniously.
  • Environmentally-friendly and ecological construction
  • Flexible to build, especially in mountainous areas
  • Cost-saving

Another trend in favor of wood is that people living in modern cities are sick of steel and concrete buildings or apartments; instead, they are looking for a wood resort to have a relaxing holiday. This demand from consumers drives more and more developers to build with wood.

In fact, the Luneng Sports Club Hotel project symbolizes the growing recognition for wood construction from developers, and consumers alike as the developer for the project is a prominent real estate developer – Jinlin Luneng Manjiang Ecology Tourism Development Co., Ltd, under Luneng Group. Traditionally, wood projects in China have mainly been constructed by smaller “niche” companies.

To advance market development in wood resorts segment, Canada Wood China has developed marketing materials and carried out promotional campaigns which aim to influence and convert developers to build with wood since wood. One of recent highlights in this campaign is Dream Home Canada Cup (short as “DHC Cup”) – Design Competition of wood project in culture & tourism sectors (more details please previous blog: ). The project introduced in this blog won the first-prize within Excellent Hotel Section of DHC Cup.