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Imitation the best form of flattery

Lance Tao

By Lance Tao

Director of Communications, Canada Wood Shanghai

November 1, 2012

Chinese designers copy proven designs in absence of wood design expertise

Throughout China, there are several new wood buildings that look very similar to other buildings that have been built both in China and in North America. There is a simple explanation for this occurrence. The copycats are neither after the brand nor the reputation of the original. Then why do some of the largest real estate companies in China like Vankee, opt to borrow the designs of a North American visitor centre? Simply put, it all comes down to lack of experience and skill in wood design.

COFI / Canada Wood is trying to address the design skills gap by teaching design students the basics of wood design. Within the next few years, we expect that graduates of our design programs will have the confidence to bring fresh new wood design to China.

As you view the photos below, compare the original designs to the imitations. In these cases, imitation is surely the best form of flattery.

This is the demonstration center of an organic food company in Shanghai, China.

This is Canada Wood’s demonstration villa just several kilometres away.

This is the main club house for a villa community project in Jilin, China, built by the largest developer in China, Vankee.

This is Grand Teton Discovery and Visitor center in Wyoming, USA.

This is also a club house for a villa community project in Changsha, China.

This is Canada Wood’s Shanghai Headquarters, Dream Home Canada