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Five Elderly Care Projects in June

Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reports processing five (5) elderly care facility fireproof approvals in June. Typically the association receives about 2 or 3 of these applications per month. However June proved to be an… more

Japan Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

As was widely expected, April’s consumption tax increase from 5 to 8% is precipitating economic contraction in the second quarter. Although Japan posted impressive real annualised GDP growth of 6.7% between January and March,… more

Japan Economy, Housing, & Lumber Shipments

Japan Economy
In late June Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the long awaited structural reform policies to stimulate Japan’s economy. Despite the wait the reform policies, known as the third arrow of Abenomics, largely fell short of… more

Japan’s First CLT Building Completed

The first Japanese building constructed with cross laminated timber (CLT) structure was completed in Ootoyo Town in Kochi Prefecture.  This dormitory building with a total floor area of 266 m2 was built as a pure CLT structure without… more

Niigata’s First 2X4 Elderly Care Facility Underway

A new large facility for seniors, Nursing Home Paru Confy Hidamarien is under construction in Shinhatsuta City, Niigata Prefecture. It is the first fireproof 2×4 elderly care facility to be constructed in Niigata prefecture. The total… more

Second Nursing Home in Yamagata Opens

Nursing Home Murayama begins operations in Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture.  This is the second elderly care 2×4 fireproof building to be constructed in this prefecture. The two-storey facility is 1,670 m² and consumed roughly… more

Video Diary

Canada Wood Completes Third Reconstruction Project in Tohoku
Canada Wood Japan is pleased to present a video documentary on the third Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project. The video traces the origin, construction and completion of the… more

Family Hospice Kamonomiya House

On May 23rd, COFI Japan’s staff visited another first of its kind 2×4 fireproof structure being constructed in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. This project is being put up by a local builder,Iwasaki Kensetsu Kobou based in that… more

New Nursing Home in Fukushima

A new midsize elderly carefacility, Nursing Home Ryujin prepares to open its doors next month. This facility is located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture and will provide care for 49 senior residents in the prefecture that have been… more

Japan Economy, Construction & Lumber Shipments

Japan Economic Update
Japan’s GDP jumped to an annualized 5.9% in the January to March quarter thanks to a splurge of capital investment and consumer spending in advance of the consumption tax increase in April. Robust first quarter… more

Continuous Discussion on CLT JAS Standard

As one of the remaining challenges after the establishment of JAS*1 standard for cross laminated timber (CLT) in December 2013, is the fact that the species group concept for the boards has still not been accepted.  Recently COFI’s… more

Fire Test Successful for PFC Floor Assembly

After the successful fire test for a PFC roof assembly, the floor assembly fire tests were also successful.  These tests are part of a Canada Wood FY2014-2015 market access project, where we are working on “Fireproof Testing of PFC Roof… more

PFC Flat Roof Structure Passes Fire Test

As one of Canada Wood FY2014-2015 market access projects, we are working on “Fireproof Testing of PFC Roof & Exterior Emergency Hallway Floor Assemblies for Large Scale Structures”.  We are conducting full sized fire tests for the… more