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Western Larch gains acceptance

As part of the current revision work to the JAS glulam standard, it was proposed to the JAS technical committee that Western Larch be included as an acceptable lamina species.  The JAS technical committee concluded that Western Larch is… more

Dimension Lumber in Post & Beam

The implementation of the “Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings”, also known as Japan’s Wood First Act, brings with it technical challenges to the wooden building industry.  Among the key issues, achieving open… more

CLT Introduced in Japan

On September 26th, a technical seminar on Cross Laminated Timber was held at the Canadian Embassy.  This event was sponsored by FPAC in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy and Canada Wood Tokyo.  As the timing coincided with several… more

Largest 3-storey opens doors

A new large wooden elderly care project, the Kazami-dori Nursing Home officially opened its doors on November 15th. The project is located in TadotsuTownship,KagawaPrefecture in Shikoku Japan. It is a three-storey elderly care facility… more

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Record Number of Elderly Care Projects

The Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that for the fiscal year 2010, 18 fireproof project applications were received to construct elderly care facilities in Japan compared to 7 for the previous period, largely due to COFI’s… more

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Japan Market Update

Residential Housing Market
Japan’s housing industry appears to making a comeback, posting strong gains for the second consecutive month. Housing starts in August were up 14% to finish at 81,986. Wood frame starts totalled 46,901, an… more

Japan Faces an Uncertain Future

I returned this week from several days in Tokyo.  My previous trip was traumatic having been swept up in the March 11th quake and tsunami disaster.  The impressive stoicism and resilience of Japanese society is still very much in… more

Record Number of Elderly Care Projects

18 2×4 Fireproof Approvals for Japan

The Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that for the fiscal year 2010, 18 fireproof project applications were received to construct elderly care facilities in Japan compared to 7 for… more

Lobbying Pays Off

COFI Lobbying Efforts Lead to MLIT Specifying non-JAS Graded (Imported Lumber) in the Japanese Wood First Act Design Standard
Since the establishment of “Act to Promote Wood Use in Public Buildings” (Japanese Wood First Act) in May… more

Japan Market Update

Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Hammers Japan Economy Near Term, Brighter Days Ahead

Following the devastating earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th and the collateral damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactors, Japan’s GDP fell 0.9% for… more

Life in Tokyo

Birthday Suit & Earthquake Don’t Mix
We just got hit by yet another fairly strong quake early this morning.   It must have been just after 7:00 am.  I had just gotten in the shower and turned on the water.  It started with small… more

Earthquake Reconstruction Underway

Construction Work Begins on 2×4 Temporary Shelters in Kessenuma

On April 27th Canada Wood Japan’s Kevin Bews, Shawn Lawlor and Jim Ivanoff visited Kessenuma, Miyagi Prefecture to view construction on one of the first temporary… more

Canadian Wood Central to Energy Efficient Home

A closer look at the Ikumu post & beam home.
A residential single detached house was recently completed in Kasuga-Machi, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo and turned over to its owner on May 5, 2011.  The project was designed by Mr. S. Seno, 1st Class… more

Japan’s “9/11”

Recently I have been asked by folks back in Canada what impact the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake is going to have on Japan. The facts remain to be seen, but I thought I might share some opinions from the front line. Prime Minister Naoto… more

Japan Begins to Rebuild Temporary Housing Shelters

Kyodo News – Construction work on Temporary Housing Commences in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)

Re-construction work to provide temporary shelters for 100,000’s of victims left homeless from the March 11th Great Tohoku-Kanto… more

Paul Newman on the scene of Japan earthquake disaster!

On the last leg of long business trip that made stops in India and China, Canada Wood Director Paul Newman, finally made his way through Japan and was positioned on an elevated train platform when the major earthquake and tsunami disaster… more

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Japan Market Update

Returning to a solid trajectory of growth, Japan’s GDP grew to US $5.477 trillion (US $39,881 per capita) as of December 2010. Real annualized GDP grew at 6.8% in Q1, 3.0% in Q2 and 4.5% in the third quarter. Recovery was buoyed… more