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Japan’s First 6-Storey PFC Demonstration Building Taking Shape

Hidehiko Fumoto

By Hidehiko Fumoto

Deputy Director and Manager Technical Services, Canada Wood Japan

February 3, 2016

abcd1The wood framing of Japan’s first 6-storey PFC demo project completed at the end of December at the Building Research Institute land property in Tsukuba City.  As this is the 6-storey wooden building which is not permitted under the current 1-hour fire rating approvals, the structural design of this building assumes the dead loads from material specifications in 2-hour fire rating approvals that we are in the process of obtaining.  This building also features various innovative wall/floor components such as double-midply wall system, plywood-sandwiched high performance shear walls, I-joists, parallel chord floor trusses and CLT floors.  The Japan 2×4 Association already conducted the site tour for their member companies and there will be a seminar/tour event where Canada Wood Vancouver managers are also participating in on February 5th, 2016.  The seminars/tours will be held over two days and already over 300 participants are signed up to attend; thus indicating strong interest in 6 storey platform frame construction.  The Midply demonstration of this project is partially funded by Canada Wood.