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KFS Sets up Secretariat to Prepare for ‘WCTE 2018’

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

May 29, 2017

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) and National Institute of Forest Science (NIFS) set up the secretariat of the ‘World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE)’ on March 27 and began to prepare for the conference in earnest.

The secretariat set up on the second floor of the Forest Engineering Research Building of NIFS will be operating to successfully hold the WCTE scheduled to be held in Seoul in August 2018 under the slogan, ‘Again, Golden Era of Timber.’

WCTE is a biannual conference with the world’s highest authority in the wood frame construction field, introducing the latest wood frame construction technologies, and over 1,000 wood frame construction experts, architects, and timber industry officials from over 40 countries participating in the conference.

NIFS expects to elevate the status of South Korea as a country recognized by the international society for the successful greenification of the forest and lead global trends for the advancement of the timber industry and research of wood frame construction.

“For it is an event inviting guests from around the world to our home, we will look into every detail for a successful conference,” said NIFS President Chang-jae Lee, “I hope everyone in the academic circles and industrial circles will actively participate from the preparation stage to turn the conference into a chance for our wood frame construction to jump up to a higher level academically and industrially instead of leaving it as a one-off event.”

Canada Wood Group’s Program Manager Wayne Iversen visited South Korea in March and said, “I am looking forward to a successful WCTE and will make efforts to gather full support from Canadian timber industry experts” at a meeting with Manager Mun-jae Park of NIFS.