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Korea Shows Interest in Seismic Design Wood Structure after Experiencing 2nd Earthquake

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

January 2, 2018

Korea experienced the biggest earthquake in its history of seismic observation as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do in September of last year. On November 15 of this year, Korea experienced another earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The notion that Korea is no longer safe from earthquakes and the more intensified seismic design of building codes are becoming big issues following the two earthquakes.

CWK held the Technical Mission for Midply Shearwall and Wood Wall Bracing from October 15 to 25 to find solutions for seismic designs, which intensified last year, in which 14 people participated including Korea building code writers, architects, structural engineers, and builders.

For eleven days, the participants visited Vancouver, Canada, Seattle and Tacoma in the USA, and Tokyo, Japan to have a chance to learn about new technologies of the seismic design wood structure by receiving information on wood wall bracing developed by APA-The Engineered Wood Association and the Midply Shearwall system developed by FPInnovations and visiting a demo-house built with Midply Shearwall and seismic tests on the wall at the Building Research Institute of Japan MILT.