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Korean Building Code – Structural (KBC-S) 2013 Version in the Pipeline

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Technical Director, Canada Wood Korea

October 7, 2013

Two Canadian species groups, SPF and Hem-Fir, to be distinguished from those of American ones in the updated KBC-S

Building CodeKorean Building Code – Structural has been updated in a 4 year cycle. The 2009 version, which is still in effect and superseded 2005 version, will be revised in 2013 and changes have been proposed and reviewed by experts in committee meetings and hearings.

What’s good news to all of us is that the Chapter 8 of the code, which governs Structural Design of Wood Structures, will be updated to recognize the Canadian species groups, SPF and Hem-Fir (North), as the separate species combinations from American ones, SPF (South) and Hem Fir. In 2005 version of KBC-S, Canadian species group SPF is being bundled together in the term “North American” SPF with SPF (South). The term, which has introduced SPF into the 2007 version of KS F 3020 “Softwood Structural Lumber” for the first time, was put into the standard by the efforts of Canada Wood.

Building Code 2This change is a reflection of dominant use of the Canadian dimension lumber products, in particular SPF, for structural applications in Korea. This update will result in the increase of 20% in bending strength for SPF No.2, from 5.0 MPa to 6.0 MPa, thus allowing efficient use of Canadian dimension lumber products. Also moisture content for dimension lumber specified in the code will be revised from “18% MC or less” to “19 % MC or less” in line with the confirmation 2012 version of the KS F 3020, which is yet to be released.