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Literature Renewal

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

May 29, 2017

The COFI SPF Group has just completed a major update of our popular “Nikkei Elderly Care Facilities” literature. This piece was originally designed and printed in 2008 and was 12 pages at the time. Over the years, this particular piece has been revised and re-printed four times and is currently 48 pages. The literature is made up of just about all the Nikkei Healthcare feature articles that we have done with this publication over the last 10 years, which highlights interviews and testimonials of academics, facility designers, owners and operators in Japan on the advantages of building and operator 2×4 elderly car facilities and seniors’ homes. This latest revision includes 9 articles, 18 pages of content, which has appeared in this magazine from 2014, the last time it was updated.  These articles and literature have proven to generate much interest among owners and operators of social welfare and medical care corporations in Japan to have these types of facilities built in wood.

Front cover of the “Nikkei Elderly Care Facilities” literature that was recently updated