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Looking for New Opportunities

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

September 3, 2014

Photo at Tokai 2x4 Lumber Council’s Workshop on August 22nd

Photo at Tokai 24 Lumber Council’s Workshop on August 22nd

The Tokai 2×4 Lumber Council held an internal workshop on designing and constructing large 2×4 structures for its members in Nagoya on August 22nd. As COFI has been doing a lot of pioneering work in this field, Kevin Bews was asked to participate from the Japan office to make a presentation at the study session, along with two other speakers, on what kind of non-residential buildings are currently being constructed in Japan and what future opportunities lie ahead. The event attracted 29 participants representing 18 member companies at the half-day workshop. Since Japan’s national sale tax increased to 8% in April of this year, the residential housing market has been quite sluggish and member companies of the council are looking for other opportunities to keep their 2×4 panel plants running in a profitable manner. COFI’s presentation at the event highlighted the benefits of building large wooden elderly facilities using the 2×4 construction method – introducing roughly a dozen leading fireproof and quasi-fireproof senior care facilities that have recently been constructed in this country.