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Minister Carr promotes Canadian Wood Products and Clean Technologies in China

Wayne Iversen

By Wayne Iversen


July 4, 2017

According to the Minister, no market is bigger, or holds more potential for natural resources, than China. One of the pillars of NRCan’s work in China, is the development of eco-cities which can showcase Canadian wood products as well as clean technologies.

While Canada has been committed to the China market for more than the decade, the ongoing softwood lumber dispute with the United States makes the Chinese market more important than ever. Therefore, during June 5 and June 9th, the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr led a mission to Beijing and Tianjin, in order to build on the strong existing bilateral trade relationship and to promote Canada’s products and expertise in the areas of forestry, energy and clean technologies. The delegation accompanying the Minister consisted of senior industry representatives from the aforementioned sectors, as well as provincial representatives and Indigenous leaders.

Highlights of the Minister’s trip included the renewal of the 5-year memorandum of understanding with MOHURD. The MOU supports the development of eco-cities, which promote the use of wood in construction and other Canadian green technologies. Under the new MOU both partners will also explore the opportunity of replicating similar projects in other areas of China. For the forest sector, such projects create a discernable demand for lumber and thus can help support communities back home by expanding export markets for Canadian wood products.
During his trip to China, the Minister also visited the Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District in Tianjin – a CAD$ 2.5 billion project. Minister Carr participated in the official launch of the eco-district site and presented certificates recognizing the district’s first Super E® townhome built using Canadian lumber and clean technologies.

The eco-district in Tianjin is a remarkable testament to what can be achieved when international partners cooperate in the interest of promoting environmental best practices. Canada is a proud participant in this ambitious project and will be happy to work with China to realize its goal of creating thriving green cities.” Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

Roundtable in Tianjin

During the mission, the forest sector delegation also met with Chinese stakeholders in Beijing and Tianjin. The meetings built on Minister Champagne’s meetings held in April, and brought key Chinese buyers and distributors to the same table with senior executives from the Canadian lumber industry, facilitating a discussion on the barriers facing Canadian lumber products.