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Mitsui Homes Model Home Demo in Dalian

Wayne Iversen

By Wayne Iversen

Canada Wood Program Manager, COFI Vancouver

September 5, 2012

Second floor joinst installation

This is Mitsui Homes first venture into the China market and Canada Wood China has agreed to provide the technical support during the construction of the model home in Dalian. It is a joint venture project between Mitsui Homes and Zhicheng Construction Co. This is Zhicheng’s first wood frame project. The framing package was cut and shipped from Mitsui in Vancouver.

Canada Wood is providing ongoing quality support through the support of a Construction Specialist and two technical assistants. Significant progress in the construction was achieved in August although the inexperience of the Zhicheng workers is apparent and we have had to go beyond quality support to working alongside in some of the construction aspects as well.