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New Digs for the Three Little Pigs

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

February 1, 2016

I am pleased to announce that the three little pigs have moved into a brand spanking new 2×4 home. Yes, they decided to pull up stakes and trade in their old and cold brick house in favour of a new warm, safe and comfortable 2×4 house!! It seems our three little porkers were really sold on the technical advancements that wooden platform frame construction – to the dismay of big bad breath – has made over the years and with an unanimous show of their little cloven hooves held high in the sky, they decided that there was no need to stick with their old brick house anymore – albeit it does offer great protection from a wolf’s huff and puff, but when it comes to seismic performance and the warmth of wood – 2×4 has got it covered. And since they are truly joyed and overwhelmed with their new home, COFI Japan has asked them if they could provide an assessment of the performance features of their 2×4 home which they gladly have done for us. The first episode is on “earthquake resistance” and can be viewed and COFI Japan’s YouTube channel below. And that’s not all folks – so stay tuned – as this is to be continued . . .

Click here to see Three Little Pigs Video – 2×4’s Earthquake Resistance!

little pigs