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NRCAN signs MOU with China MOHURD

Haiyan Zhang

By Haiyan Zhang

Technical Director, Canada Wood Shanghai

April 3, 2012

MOU between the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Department of Natural Resources of Canada Concerning Cooperation in the Technology of Development of Eco-Cities (Haiyan Zhang)

This MOU signing was the highlight of Canada’s participation in this year’s Green Building Show. The areas of cooperation identified include

a) Use of wood frame construction technologies and systems in multi-storey buildings;

b) Use of green building evaluation systems and technical standards;

c) Use of renewable and alternative energy in buildings and communities;

d) Use of energy-efficient building systems and materials such as insulation and geothermal heat pumps;

e) Use of life-cycle assessment of building materials as a science-based tool to assist decision-makers, developers and specifiers in the selection of the most environmentally friendly building materials;

f) Sharing of governance models and software tools to better integrate renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies to overcome conventional limitations and achieve high-performance and viable market solutions;

g) Eco-city urban planning, development, management and services among other relevant technologies, which could include city and community planning, water resources utilization, waste disposal and green transportation issues;

h) Other areas of interest as they may mutually decide upon.