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Outstanding Result, Canada Wood University-based Training

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

October 30, 2017

Students reviewing best practices for window installation thru CWK’s QS Technical Tip literature

Two timber structures in Dankook University are capturing everyone’s attention. One of them is a light-weight wood frame construction and the other, a heavy timber construction.

The Department of Architectural Studies at Dankook University held a session on ‘heavy timber construction & light-weight wood frame construction’ at the College of Engineering Building 1 inside the Jukjeon Campus of Dankook University located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do in August. The session gave students of the Department of Architectural Studies a chance to construct a timber house in 3~5 days, which was joined by over 40 students.

Heavy timber frame is being installed by the participated students

The department did not offer courses on wood frame construction (WFC) in the past, but was introduced to the University-Based Training of Canada Wood Korea (CWK) 3~4 years ago and adapted it into a WFC workshop which involves practical trainings. Also, NShome and Taewon Lumber, members of Korea Wood Construction Association, provided wood and related materials used in the training as sponsors through the industry-academy cooperation to provide students with learning opportunities.

After the WFC workshop, the department set up a new course on ‘Wood Frame Construction’, which has been offered for three years already.

2X4 wood in-fill walls and structural wood panels are being installed.

Professor Tae-woong Kang and president Jin-yeong Choi, who led the workshop, received advanced technology construction training in Canada in July and also completed the Architect and Inspector training sponsored by Canada Wood. Based on what they experienced and learned while participating in the WFC training, they are now training students and playing a leading role for the advancement of WFC, which are the outstanding results of the programs offered by Canada Wood.

Professor Tae-woong Kang of the Department of Architectural Studies at Dankook University said, ‘The wood industry and wood frame construction field will advance further if we can gain support from the industry even for this type of public training’, emphasizing the importance of the industry-academy alliance for the advancement in the wood frame construction field.