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PFC Noise Control Specialist Wins Ph.D

Hidehiko Fumoto

By Hidehiko Fumoto

Deputy Director and Manager Technical Services, Canada Wood Japan

March 9, 2016

PFC NoiseTomohito Hirota, known as a PFC noise control specialist, is honoured with Ph.D. from Hokkai Gakuen University in Hokkaido.  From 2010 to 2011, he served as a chair of the editorial committee for making a PFC noise control handbook.  This acoustic project was funded by Canada Wood Group when COFI and Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association worked together to publish the book.  The technical group for this project provided valuable research such as methods to reduce light and heavy floor impact noises, floor and elevation house design plans highlighting the noise control.  This book also reflects the scientific input from Dr. Trevor Nightingale with National Research Council Canada.  In Hirota-san’s Ph.D. thesis, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 deal with the accomplishments from the FY2010-2011 Canada Wood Technical Project.  The ceremony awarding him with Ph.D. is taking place on March 20, 2016 at Hokkai Gakuen University. Dr. Hirota is a valuable ally in advancing the acoustic performance of 2×4 construction in Japan.

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