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Quality Certification for Wood Housing

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

July 4, 2018

The 5-star quality certification program is the first voluntary wood construction quality assurance program jointly developed by CWK and KWCA (the Korea Wood Construction Association) with support of NIFoS (the National Institute of Forest Science) in 2009. The program is designed to minimize risks and avoid loss/damage resulting from construction flaws while ensuring that high quality wood construction buildings are supplied in the Korean housing market.
For this voluntary quality assurance program, CWK and KWCA made an MOU on May 15, 2009 to introduce a progressive inspection system practiced in North America.
The quality assurance program includes: review of the construction plan; regular job-site monitoring at each phase of the construction to assure compliance with all contract requirements (standards/regulations/codes, specifications, workmanship); and technical support, as needed. The program promotes quality wood construction in the Korean market by encouraging adoption of advanced wood construction technologies and techniques among construction companies, not to mention that it affords confidence, peace of mind for the clients and increased re-sale value of the house.
As a general rule, the construction company applies for the 5-star quality certification program. Prior to the program’s implementation, preparatory training is provided to all relevant construction workers and carpenters in order to improve their understanding of the program.
As of June, 2018, total 198 quality assurance programs were implemented, 70% of which achieved the 5-star quality certificates.
This year KWCA plans to introduce a combined 5-star and Super-E® quality assurance program as a new and advanced voluntary requirement to their member builders with support from CWK and Super-E® EEEA.

In collaboration with KWCA and Super-E® EEEA, we will continue to devote our efforts in promoting this quality assurance program as the new market standard in Korea.