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Rakuwa Villa Opens

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

May 29, 2017

An impressively designed and constructed wooden elderly care facility, Rakuwa Villa Nursing Home, in the heart of Tokyo began operating on April 1, 2017. It is the second large 2×4 built public funded nursing home of its kind to be constructed in this city and is located next door to Tokyo Dome, in Bunkyo Ward. It is a combination 128 room senior care complex which also includes a large open public space on the first floor of the building, which the local community can use to interact and for events. This building is quite unique, in that it is a hybrid platform frame structure that sits on a concrete podium having with a total floor area of 5,659 m². The basement and first floor of the building are built out of reinforced concrete and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th storeys being a fireproof 2×4 structure, consuming approximately 700 m³ of SPF dimension lumber in its construction. This facility is owned and managed by Rakuwakai Social Welfare Corporation and was designed by Medox. The general contractor for the project was Shiraishi Kensetsu and Yamamura.

Street view of the Rakuwa Villa Nursing Home