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Record Year for 2×4 Fireproof Structures

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

May 2, 2014

The Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reports a new record 289 units (98,876 m²) of fireproof approvals for the fiscal year 2013 (274 approvals in fiscal 2012) for a accumulative total of 2,306 units (561,896 m²) of 2×4 fireproof buildings being approved for construction in Japan since the 2×4 Home Builder Association and COFI received a platform frame fireproof approval in 2004 from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). In terms of growth broken by market segment, the non-residential market was the clear front runner as indicated by the numbers in the table below.


Market Segment & Period Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2004 YTD
# Approvals Floor Area # Approvals Floor Area
Detached single-family 173 units 22,908m² 1,554 units 209,587m²
Multi-family 86 units 22,350m² 599 units 165,470m²
Non-residential 30 units 53,618m² 153 units 186,839m²
TOTAL 289 units 98,876 m² 2,306 units 561,896 m²

For fiscal 2013, the non-residential market stood at 30 projects. However in terms of total floor area it represented over half the construction building volume totaling 53,618 m² for the period. As we have seen in the past the majority of these projects are quite large and senior related. The accumulative total of fireproof elderly care projects build in Japan since 2004 currently stands at 100 units. Fireproof approval trend graph by market segment in terms of total building floor for the past 9 years included below.

fireproof structure japan

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